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Livrena Vision

There are many things we don’t learn enough at school or university that are crucial for our success in business and life. Communication is one of them. Today expertise is not enough. We cannot be a good manager, leader or salesperson if we are not a good communicator.

Communication is our specialty. This is something you can learn only through practice. We help you shorten the process of learning and make it more effective. In our trainings you will learn and practice everything you need to communicate successfully as a leader, salesperson or team. Our communication programs will help you build confidence and skills to better influence, persuade and negotiate with your team members, colleagues, bosses, customers and yes … your kids and partners in life.

Our programs are exceptionally practical. They are eye-opening learning events which equip you with the most effective communication tools, strategies and practices to use in your professional and personal life. You will leave more self-aware, confident and skillful than ever before.

The World will more and more need good communicators. Let us help you become one.

Individual Coaching


We help leaders and managers be more confident in their role, communicate better with the members of their team, and develop a high-performing company and team.



Team Coaching

Team coaching is a modern and effective way to improve a team’s productivity and atmosphere. It is a structured and facilitated process helping team members assess their team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as plan and implement concrete actions and steps to improve the team’s performance and work atmosphere.



My personal mission

My name is Zara Tenchova. I have an enormous passion for learning. My personal mission is to help people become more confident and better communicators.

I am an entrepreneur, trainer and coach.  I have 20 years of business experience in international trade: developing sales on foreign markets, international transport, international franchise, managing and dealing with multinational teams and business partners.

For more than 15 years I operate as an internal and external trainer in business communications, sales, management, leadership, change management, project management, customer service, presentation skills, team development and team effectiveness.

As a certified business and health coach, I have hundreds of sessions with managers at all levels.

Why Livrena

Meeting Zara was a turning point for the development of my business. Thanks to her methodical work with me and my team, my company grew 3 times in only 3 years. During the training sessions I saw with my own eyes how my colleagues grew as leaders, ready to manage by themselves projects and teams. Funny, but evident as well, is the fact that management decisions are often justified with “That’s what Zara said”. In our internal slang appeared the term “Zarianism”, which describes the delicate way we employ to lead our colleagues to self-awareness and motivation. Zara is the person who has always been by my side whenever I had managerial and business problems. Her delicate insight and her understanding of business processes helped me reach working solutions that were crucial for my company and my team. Her personal qualities combined with her coaching methods are one of All Channels’ competitive advantages. I have always underlined this during my lectures and public appearances, and I have always recommended her to my business partners

My work with Zara had definitely exceeded my expectations which, at the beginning, were as for every other training or coaching. This was for sure the best investment of time and money. I discovered a proven system, understanding matched with individual approach, and above all, a coach with the necessary experience who helped me overcome many obstacles and increase my confidence. Very often, when I have a problem I don’t know how to deal with or where to begin, I recall my coaching and go ahead with courage. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn counting on themselves and who strive for personal and professional success!

My coaching sessions with Zara helped me learn new skills and an alternative perspective on various life situations, which improved my communication and interaction with people, personally as well as professionally. After the sixth session I had results which were evident to my colleagues and friends. People who were not aware that I am being coached told me they see a very good change in the way I communicate and in my overall attitude. The feedback I received encouraged me to use daily the techniques from the coaching sessions. I recommend to everyone who aims at personal development, wants to overcome obstacles of various nature and build stable relationship with people, to trust Zara’s professionalism.

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