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Developing Business on Foreign Markets

Developing Business on Foreign Markets

Training Overview

Developing business abroad is one of the most challenging tasks in sales and marketing. In this training program established international business professionals will equip your team with resources, knowledge, experience and confidence to enter new foreign markets and compete successfully abroad. The training is intended for Export sales managers, export sales representatives, new market business developers, owners of business, contract manufacturers wishing to develop their own products abroad. .

Training Contents

  • Am I ready to go global?
  • Gaining confidence to step abroad
  • Does my company have the potential to enter and compete on new foreign markets?
  • Analyzing your company, products, strategy and resources
  • How to choose the appropriate markets?
  • Pre-selection of foreign markets for export
  • What information do I need for each market?
  • How to research and analyze foreign markets?
  • How to create a business plan?
  • How to confidently present the plan and convince the boss?
  • Creating the export sales strategy
  • How to contact local market players?
  • Preparing the initial on-the-spot visit
  • How to negotiate and motivate foreign partners?
  • How to adapt to cultural differences?


The Program is in a workshop format. It works with concrete business cases of participants and helps them enter and develop concrete markets for export.

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