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Leadership Coaching


Leadership coaching is a partnership between a leader and a coach aimed at helping people in leadership positions improve their performance and capacity to reach organizational goals. A leader could be anyone responsible for reaching results through a group of people – an executive, manager, team leader or a business owner.
Coaching leads to a higher self-awareness and concrete actions to improve a leader’s performance. Coaching is individualized and tailored to the leader’s specific goals and personality. At the same time, leadership coaching improves organizational results.

Areas for Leadership Coaching

  • strengthen confidence and assertiveness
  • improve communication skills
  • develop strategic thinking
  • enhance presentation skills
  • build conflict management skills
  • improve negotiation abilities
  • find a work-life balance
  • manage stress and pressure 
  • improve personal influence
  • strengthen team management

The Process

The Process begins with goal setting. To help the leader set concrete and adequate goals for the coaching process, we involve his/her boss, peers and direct team. They all give feedback assessing the coachee’s strengths and areas for development. On the basis of this feedback, the coach helps the leader set specific objectives.

After the diagnostic and goal setting, we will plan for 6-8 sessions, where we will start working on the designated areas for development. In between the coaching sessions the leader has concrete steps/activities to implement. The leader’s colleagues keep being involved in the process, by giving feedback and recommendations.

The whole process is a journey of exploration, self-discovery and experimentation. 

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