Leading Sales Champions

Building a Strong Sales Team

Building a Strong Sales Team

Training Overview

Sales training is just a first step to developing a team of high-performers. Sales champions need also sales coaching from their manager. When sales managers effectively support and coach their people, it makes training stick and sales results getting better. Sales leadership is one of the key factors for the sales team performance, if not the major one!  It is aimed at maximizing the productivity of the sales team and ensuring they are operating at peak performance. It is the responsibility of every kind of manager (in sales or not) to support the engagement and productivity of his team members. But sales managers are the ones who see directly the correlation between low engagement, low performance and bad results. 

“Leading Sales Champions” equips the sales managers with the mindset and tools to provide high-quality leadership support to their salespeople, to help them reach sales results better and faster.

Training Contents

  • The role of the sale manager in strengthening sales performance and sales results
  • Types of sales managers. Where am I?
  • What makes a successful B2B salesperson in the 21st century?
  • Types of salespeople. Where are my people?
  • The risk of amateurish salespeople and how customers perceive them
  • What do salespeople expect from their sales manager? Do I give it to them?
  • What engages and disengages the members of a sales team?
  • Why Sales Coaching? Why me?
  • Principles of masterful sales coaching
  • The Sales Coaching conversation step by step
  • Sales Coaching tools and techniques
  • Giving performance feedback
  • Dealing with star performers
  • Dealing with underperformers
  • Creating an effective sales team
  • Team effectiveness factors. Where is my team?
  • Creating a winning sales culture
  • Moderating productive sales meetings
  • Storytelling for salesmanagers


    The program is exceptionally practical – it’s entirely based on simulations, role plays, best practices, real cases from participants practice, feedback and analysis. The tools in the program are based on the latest research and best practices in sales, leadership, coaching, social psychology and neuroscience.

    The training is interval and spread over 6 to 12 months. In the period between training days participants practice the new knowledge and skills on the job. They also work individually or in groups on specially designed exercises, assignments, self-assessments and personal challenges, which enhance their self-awareness, skill building and confidence in between the intensive training days. There are also individual or team coaching sessions with the trainers who support participants in their practice and development.


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