Personal Leadership

Use Your Highest Potential

Use Your Highest Potential

Training Overview

Leadership means to influence people. It doesn’t need a title or a level in the corporate hierarchy. Every interaction with people around us is an opportunity to influence, lead and induce to action. The way we influence determines how successful we will be in everything we do – in our personal or professional life. Then what stands behind influence? Why are some people more successful than others? And why are some people more productive and use their potential much more than the rest of us? Furthermore, why are most people stressed and frustrated, which hinders their ability to influence and perform at their best?

Very few people on Earth operate at full capacity. Why is that? What determines our capacity to be productive and influence positively everything around us – colleagues, bosses, tasks, goals, time, etc.? What blocks us? Why aren’t we as successful and productive as we would like to be? How to enhance our personal influence and performance? How to be better leaders for ourselves and others? 

The answers to all these questions stand behind the content of the Personal Leadership Training Program. It is based on the latest cognitive and behavioral practices in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, stress management and high-performance management.

Training Contents

  • The skills the World will need from 2020 on…
  • What is our most precious resource? Is it time really?
  • Personal Leadership – the ability to influence yourself and others
  • What hinders our performance and potential?
  • How do we perceive the world?
  • Brain fashion – perception and influence styles
  • Where do I operate most of the time? (personal analysis)
  • Positive and negative influence styles
  • How to recognize perception styles in myself and others?
  • How to influence negative, pessimistic, passive and resistant people?
  • How to influence angry and aggressive people?
  • The major mental barriers
  • The major block to our confidence
  • The external barriers to our potential
  • Dealing with the major internal and external barriers
  • Stress vs Pressure
  • Mechanism and causes of mental, emotional and physiological stress
  • Modern stress and energy management tools
  • Developing high-performance habits
  • The modern fitness for the brain
  • Cognitive and behavioural practices to release pressure
  • Bodily practices to increase confidence
  • Stress management tools



The Program covers the basics of personal performance and stress management. The training is exceptionally practical and consists entirely of practical exercises, self-assessments, analyses, discussions, feedback, role plays, group plays and simulations.  

The tools in the program are based on the latest research and best practices in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, stress management and high-performance management. .

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