Team Coaching

Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How will we get there?


Team coaching is a modern and effective tool to improve a team’s productivity and its capacity to reach results. It is a structured and facilitated process helping team members become aware of their team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as plan and implement concrete steps and actions to improve the team performance and work atmosphere.

Common results of a team coaching program may be:

  • Improved communication and collaboration within the team and the company as a whole
  • Change of company culture and the atmosphere in the team and the company
  • Progress on goals, targets and metrics
  • Increased engagement and personal motivation of team members
  • Easier implementation of change initiatives

The Process

A team coaching program begins with the team members assessing the team’s strengths and weaknesses via a survey.

The strongest and most useful part of the process is the workshop for analysis and discussion of the results from the team survey. The workshop is facilitated by a team coach who presents the results, structures the discussion and stimulates the analysis, insights and the set up of a concrete plan of action for improving the team’s performance and productivity. During a day outside of the office the team enters an open, active, dynamic and challenging discussion answering 3 key questions:

Where are we now as a team?
Where do we want to be?
How will we get there?

As a results of this discussion the team creates a concrete plan of action for improving the team’s results, performance and athmosphere.

The team diagnostic is followed by a cycle of 6 or more team sessions where the team members discuss and report on progress. 

The final stage of the process is 6-12 months after the last team session when the team makes a new team survey and gathers for a new session to report on the progress made.

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