The Seller Within

Confidence for Salespeople

Training Overview

The sales profession is one of the most challenging. The salespeople are among the most trained people in a company. However, sales training often has a shorter effect than expected. Knowing techniques is one thing but practicing is a completely different story. Quite often, the obstacles to applying the best practices learned are our habits as well as a number of key sales blockages that are hindering salespeople’ confidence and performance.

“The Seller Within” is a training program which increases a salesperson self-awareness on his personal barriers and blockages, and gives concrete practices to overcome these obstacles.

Training Contents

  • How does sales confidence look like?
  • How does our confidence level influence our customers?
  • The key sales obstacles and blockages
  • The limiting mental models and beliefs behind the salespeople’ blockages
  • How the obstacles appear at each of the sale cycle stages?
  • Best practices to increase confidence
  • Best practices to overcome each of the sales blockages
  • Modern stress management practices


The training is exceptionally practical and based on the latest discoveries and best practices in sales psychology and neuroscience. It consists entirely of exercises, simulations, case studies, role plays, group plays, self-assessments, analyses and feedback. At the end of each training day, every participant creates an individual practice plan based on the insights and practices from the training. The program influences the thinking, confidence and effectiveness of salespeople.

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