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The Sale as a Project
Effective Internal Communications

Effective Internal Communications

Training Overview

Every sale is a project which involves not only the sales team. At the same time, the salesperson is the “project manager” who should ensure a painless sales cycle and increased customer satisfaction. In this process, he depends on many internal suppliers. The salesperson may be perfectly trained and ideally manage the customer relations, but if he cannot communicate effectively inside his own organization, he may jeopardize the promises he gave to the customer and the expectations he created. This influences the sales experience of the customer and his loyalty to us.

This is a practical training program which aims at developing project thinking in the salespeople and equip them with skills and practices for communicating effectively with all internal suppliers involved in the sales and customer service process – production units, quality management, planning, human resources, logistics, procurement, risk management, product factories, etc.

The training is also exceptionally suitable for project managers, customer service representatives, procurement specialists, risk managers, production personnel and every other position or role within a company, which is involved in communication, negotiation, influence and persuasion of internal customers.

Training Contents

  • The sale as a project
  • The role of the salesperson as a project manager
  • Attitudes for an effective communication with internal suppliers
  • Developing project thinking in salespeople
  • Personal responsibility of the salesperson in the overall sales cycle
  • Sources of influence within the organization
  • Building a « virtual project team »
  • “Selling” inside the salesperson own organization
  • Clear communication of goals and expectations
  • Uniting to the common goal
  • Engaging and motivating the members of the “virtual team”
  • Giving and receiving feedback within the “team”
  • Negotiating with internal suppliers
  • Building personal relationship within the “team”
  • Managing conflicts within the “team”
  • Influencing the boss


    The program is exceptionally practical – it’s entirely based on simulations, role plays, best practices, real cases from participants practice, feedback and analysis. The training is interval and spread over 3 to 6 months. In the period between training days participants practice the new knowledge and skills on the job. They also work individually or in groups on specially designed exercises, assignments, self-assessments and personal challenges, which enhance their self-awareness, skill building and confidence in between the intensive training days. There are also individual or team coaching sessions with the trainers who support participants in their practice and development.


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